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Secret Bhutan is a Bhutan-based travel agency founded by Bhutanese from diverse professional backgrounds with a passion for Bhutan and its culture. We are dedicated to introducing the Bhutan's distinctive history, art and culture to our guests.

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Our team goes beyond sourcing experiences and curating trips in a quest to integrate travel with the arts, bringing guests into the workshops and studios of the artists and experts they collaborate with.

Secret Bhutan is comprised of artists, writers, and travel professionals, all passionate about Bhutan and authorities on Bhutanese culture.

Bhutan Overview

If you are looking for peace, calm, and untouched natural beauty, bhutan is the ideal destination.

With its misty moutains, turquoise rivers, whispering forests and sweeping plateaus, this Bhuddist kingdon remains one of the world's most mysterious and alluring countries. But hiding amidst this wilderness are some of the world's most exclusive luxury retreats and lodges, where you can indulge in gourmet cuisine, spa treatments, and yoga with unforgettable views of the Himalayas.

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